About Us

THE TEXAS LOO, a family owned and operated business, was founded in 2011 but the owners have actually been in the industry since 2006 and recently included their daughter on their management team. Having been married for well over 50 years, the owners, who moved to Texas in 1970, began what was originally to be a retirement business. However, THE TEXAS LOO eventually grew to become one of the largest fleets of rental Restroom Trailers in the State of Texas.

At THE TEXAS LOO, we believe that an emphasis on company and product image has been instrumental in the growth and success of our company. That is, providing attractively designed Restroom Trailers that are new or like new with stylish finishes inside and outside, well maintained, reliable and clean.

We also believe that most people enjoy dealing directly with business owners. Why? Because owners genuinely care about the customer; it’s THEIR customer! Therefore, it’s personal to them when a customer calls. As a result many long term business relationships have been established at THE TEXAS LOO which forms the core of our business.

Due to the considerable size of THE TEXAS LOO rental inventory, a significant percentage of our business comes from our own competitors within the mobile restroom industry. From the beginning, we have valued good, co-operative business relationships with “Friendly Competitors”. When one of these competitors are booked up….many of them turn to THE TEXAS LOO to fill their next order.

THE TEXAS LOO has fairly and reasonably priced rentals. We have never increased our prices during a disaster, such as hurricanes or floods, when demand is high and supply limited; nor will we ever do so. The price a customer pays on a sunny day is the same they pay when a hurricane has just destroyed their community.

As responsible citizens who desire to return something to the community, we at THE TEXAS LOO have made charity an important element of our business philosophy by donating our products and services to various charities such as THE AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY, JUVENILE DIABETES RESEARCH FOUNDATION, etc.