25’ | 10 Stall Satellite “Spa”

5 ladies stalls, 2 men’s stalls and 3 urinals. Luxurious interior. Very private water closets with full length blocked paneled wood doors (white). Hot water at the sinks (2 in each cabin). Faux wood floors. Stone countertops. Climate control. AM/FM radio for in-cabin music. 1000 gallon waste tank.

16′ | 3 Stall Restroom Shower Combination

A 16’ commercial grade facility with 3 completely private rooms; each having a toilet, a shower and a corner sink with mirror. Shower water is heated by propane. Climate control. 450 gallon water tank.

10’ | ADA Single Room Handicap Accessible

This trailer allows us to meet the ADA requirements at any event, regardless of size. It often accompanies one or more of our larger trailers at larger events. Or, it may be used at a very small event of less than 100.

16′ | 6 & 7 Stall “Advantage Plus”

The seven stall is similar the six stall with two exceptions:
(1) It is equipped with an on-board fresh water tank, and
(2) It has an additional urinal on the men’s side.

14′ | 3 Room “Spa”

(up to 250 guests) The most popular trailer for wedding events. 2 ladies rooms. 1 men’s room with toilet and urinal. Each of the very private rooms Is the size of a ½ bath at home. Mirrored vanities with hot water at the stainless steel sinks. Stone countertops. Faux wood floors. Climate control. AM/FM radio for in-cabin music. 450 gallon waste tank.

14′ | 5 Stall “Advantage Plus”

(up to 350 guests) 2 ladies stalls. 1 men’s stall and 2 urinals. Vanity with sinks in each cabin. Quartz or granite countertops. Stained oak cabinets. Faux wood floors. Decorator mirrors. Climate control. 450 gallon waste tank. Pretty enough for a wedding and rugged enough for long term commercial duty.

16′ | 6 Stall “Presidential”

(up to 300 guests) A luxurious trailer! Perfect for a black tie event. 3 ladies stalls. 1 men’s stall. 2 urinals. Climate Control. 650 gallon waste tank.

24′ | 9 Stall “Presidential”

Our most luxurious trailer! Four women/five men stalls. This trailer is recommended for an upscale, black tie event. Very private water closets with full length block paneled, oak stained wood doors. Beautiful granite countertops. Hot water at the mirrored vanities (3). It will accommodate 2500 restroom visits. 1000 gallon waste tank.

20’ | ADA + 2 Room Handicap Accessible

Our ADA trailers are all completely in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. This trailer is recommended for relatively small events (200 or less) as the septic tank will only accommodate about 600 visits.